Thursday, March 04, 2004

Tought sports day in Tennessee

Looks like the Freak (Jevon Kearse) will no longer be a Titan, Kearse signs eight-year deal with Eagles . Well, considering he has only played in 18 out of the last 32 games I don't feel bad about this one. However, the worse news on the Titans front would be the unconfirmed report that Robaire Smith, interior Defensive line, is headed to the Houston Texans. The Titans have a bad habit of giving up pro bowl caliber interior d-line players, and this is no exception. Hopefully, they can reach in to the bag of tricks and come up with yet another superstar lineman. We had the best run defense in the league last year primarily due to guys like Robaire. We are going to have some big shoes to fill if he is truly gone.

Oh, and the Predators got crushed by Philadelphia, 5-2.

Bah. I want some good sports news coming from Nashville soon. Dammit.

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