Tuesday, March 02, 2004

More Good News from the Titans

In yet another incredible deal from the magician Floyd Reese and his staff, The Tennessee Titans maneuvered their way under the NFL-mandated $80.6 million salary cap on Tuesday, signing two key players in the process. They reached multi-year deals with All-Pro LB Keith Bulluck and TE Erron Kinney, and can make another Super Bowl run with at least 20 of their 22 starters returning in 2004. "This is never an easy time of year, but Mr. Adams wants to win, and he's backed us throughout this entire process," GM Floyd Reese said. "He was a great help, as was Steve Underwood, our general counsel." Added Bulluck: "I was raising the bar this season, but I've got to step it up even more and bring my teammates along with me."

Titans reach long-term deals with Bulluck, Kinney

The bad news is I have to wait another 5 months before the season gets rockin'.......Yep, once the Stanley Cup is over, there isn't much for this sports fan to be happy about.

What's that? Baseball you say? I'm originally from Boston, and I gave up sado masochism a long time ago....I think it was around '86.....And basketball just seems to have turned in to a bunch of gimme-the-ball-cry-baby convicts with little positive redeeming qualities, except for maybe Lebron.....until he gets arrested.....yep, gonna be a long five months.........Go Titans!

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