Monday, March 15, 2004

Who will the crocodile eat last?...........

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
- Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Spain joins the list of those countries who would rather appease the terrorists amongst them rather than fight back and face them down. Sad. I spoke with some US soldiers who worked with the Spanish forces in Iraq, and they stated that these guys were very capable, and a fine asset in Iraq. Unfortunately, the rest of their countrymen don't share the same level of commitment, and have voted to remove Aznar's party in favor of the socialists, apparently because of Aznar's support of the US during the Iraq war. Somehow, these Spaniards believe that if they get their troops out of Iraq, or apologize for kicking out the Muslims from Spain 500 years ago, everything will go back to normal. Until the Spanish country becomes a caliphate state, again, this threat is not going away.

This now will further embolden Islamofascists to attempt to influence elections throughout the west by means of suicide and terrorist bombing. Instead of sending the message that Spain will join the fight against these batshit-crazy nutjobs, Spain has stated they want to be down at the bottom of the list on the Crocodiles menu.

Problem is, unless those at the top put this crocodile down, everyone still gets eaten. Fortunately, the strongest and biggest threat to the Islamofascist's crocodile is the US military, and so far they have been doing a great job in eliminating the number of those willing to take up Jihad against the west. Let those Jihadis who think the US is a paper tiger take on the 3rd infantry or the 101st airborne, and then we shall see who is left standing. Indeed, many Jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan have found out the answer to that question the hard way. And each Jihadi eliminated in those countries is one less to join up with his buddies in Europe, the US, or elsewhere in the free world to kill more innocents.

The gauntlet was thrown down on 9/11. Bush was absolutely correct in stating that you're either with us, or against us. I don't think Spain is against us, but the electorate has shown that they would prefer to be at the bottom of this crocodiles menu rather than the top.

I'd rather have crocodile for dinner, myself.....

Update: The always insightful Victor Hanson comments- VDH blog

"Let me get this straight. Two-and-a-half years after September 11, on a similar eleventh day of the month, 911 days following 9-11, and on the eve of Spanish elections, Al Qaeda or its epigones blows up 200 and wounds 1,400 Spaniards. This horrific attack follows chaotic months when Turks were similarly butchered (who opposed the Iraq War), Saudis were targeted (who opposed the Iraqi war), Moroccans were blown apart (who opposed the Iraqi war) and French periodically threatened (who opposed the Iraqi War).

And the response? If we were looking for Churchill to step from the rubble, we got instead Daladier. The Spanish electorate immediately and overwhelmingly connected the horror with its present conservative government’s support for Operation Iraqi Freedom. If the United States went to Afghanistan in 26 days following the murder of 3,000 of its citizens to hunt down their killers and remove the fascists who sponsored them, Spaniards took to the streets with Paz placards and about 48 hours later voted in record numbers to appease the terrorists.

I can sympathize with the administration diplomats when they insist that we are not alone in Iraq. But they are only right to a degree. We, with the exceptions of some English-speaking allies and eastern Europeans, are in fact absolutely alone in our larger struggle for Western civilization and have been all along well before Iraq, which was merely the latest excuse for ongoing European appeasement. The Spanish will never go after the killers of their own citizens, much less the countries who provided them support and succor, just as the Western Europeans did nothing to stop Mr. Milosevic, just as they sent a token force to Afghanistan, and hardly any to Iraq, and just as the Greeks will do nothing if their Olympics are destroyed by waves of Islamic terrorists.

We should not like all this, but we also should not deny that it is so."

And don't be suprised once the Islamofascists strike Britain that the same thing will happen. It's a matter of time, really. I hate to admit it, but the level of jihadi discourse being spewed out of the Mosques in Britain are terrifying to me....never mind what a disaster the Olympics in Greece are shaping up to be....Yep, bury your head in the sand europe, at least you'll already be bent over when the Jihadis come to turn your countries in to caliphates.....

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