Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Victor Hanson breaks his arm.........

And observes the thirty million without health care

You remember? The 30 million Americans you will be hearing about in the next six months?

No healthcare, no jobs, no way to survive in the modern world. All because of the Bush tax cuts. Or the Bush administrations war on terror. Or Bush allowing other US companies to outsource jobs. Or Bush and his sinister neo-con masonic agenda to rid the world of gays and heathens in order to get the oil, or something like that.

Just ask John Jerry, although he agreed enough with Bush to vote for the war in Iraq, Nafta, tax cuts, the Patriot Act, etc....he still disagrees with him about everything! Right John?

"Bush Lied! People were.....liberated? (no, no.) Became US citizens? (NO!) Fought with the 3rd Infantry in Iraq even though they weren't even born here? (No John, stick to the script. Just ask Hillary, you'll be fine.) Oh, right- Bush Lied! David Kay got bored!"

Say what you want about Junior.

He did not say that 9/11 was the fault of the democrats. Or the gays. Or the tax cuts. He said this-

"Bring it on."

Admiral Yamamoto realized the mistake of Pearl Harbor when he said, "I fear we have awakened a sleeping dragon."

Somehow, I get the feeling the Osama got the same idea when he felt the daisy cutters loosening the ceilings in his cave in Afghanistan. So now his cohorts are beating up on Bali, then Turkey, then Spain, probably France or Germany next, followed closely by Britain, then back to Iraq to see if the stubborn Yankee infidels are still in the midst. However, this time the Iraqi's are telling Mohammed that his battles need to be fought elsewhere, thank you very much....

Now America will be in the spotlight again during the next election cycle, and we will hear again how the 30 million oppressed folks on this country are without health care, food, water, jobs, peace of mind, etc.etc...

Tman in Tennessee calls bullshit. If these 30 million are so oppressed, then why are there another 100 million ready to take their place?

Is it that bad in the rest of the world? Is everyone waiting for us to finally face down militant Islam and file it under "other religions who populate yet don't control the US Government"?

Apparently Europe is. Well, nothing new here.........

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