Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valen- Nah, Screw That- I'm Getting Tanked.......


Yes, it's that time of year where those of us who are single get together and attempt to soak away this absolutely crappy day with the loving embrace of a cold bar.

If you want, you can read this article in The Economist that explains how love really comes down to a chemical addiction between people. Or, you can go to the following site here, BE MY ANTI-VALENTINE and follow the instructions.

Bitter? Nope. Jealous of others in happy relationships? Not I. I mean, some people are WAY more bitter than I on this day. Take this site for instance-

The Alt.Suicide.Holiday Valentine's Day Survival Kit

Valentines Day... ah, the powerful emotions it doth evoke. Images of young lovers holding hands, the exchange of flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocloate candy, laughter, joy, love, love, love; all this coupled with the promise of the impending spring thaw.

It's enough to make a free thinking individual want to gouge his own eyeballs out with an old rusty pair of scissors.

Refuse to be passive! Join the ranks of the angry, the bitter, the angstful, and smash this day into oblivion. You'll thank me for it in the end, I guarantee.

Me? I'll just go with the following picture, which adequately describes my feelings for today. Happy Get Drunk and Make fun of Sappy Couples Day!!

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