Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Why Humans Will Survive the Next Cataclysmic Catastrophe.........


Nine Saved 38 Days After Tsunami

NEW DELHI, India (AP) -- Nine survivors of the December 26 tsunami have been discovered by police in a forest on India's remote Campbell Bay island after spending 38 days wandering across villages flattened by the killer waves. The nine belong to the Nicobarese tribe and include five men, two women and two girls, Inspector Shaukat Hussain told The Associated Press Wednesday by telephone from Campbell Bay, the only town in Great Nicobar, India's southernmost island.

"They were sitting in the forest when we saw them, and they just ran to us, without saying anything," said Hussain. "They seemed happy, yes, but there was no hugging and tears and shouting in joy and all that."

The oldest survivor was a 65-year-old man; the youngest an 11-year-old girl, he said.

Two of the survivors were severely dehydrated and were hospitalized. The other seven were sent to a relief camp.

"They seemed weak but OK. They said they had eaten coconuts, boars and wild shoots. They hunted to stay alive," Hussain said. "We found them not too far from where we found a dead body and cremated it."

Humans, we are a tough bunch.......

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