Friday, February 18, 2005

Reason #8756 I'm Glad I Quit Smoking..............


Man Throws Lit Cigarette Out Window, Sets SUV Ablaze

SAN FRANCISCO -- A 20-year-old man barely escaped serious injury Thursday after a lit cigarette he tried to toss out the window while driving across the Bay Bridge blew back in and ignited the vehicle, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Classic stuff. Now since I've always hated anti-smoking Nazi's when I did smoke, I promised that I will never be that obnoxious person who goes in to a smoky bar and whines about how smoky it is. But highlighting this is not being a Nazi. I was never the type of smoker who would flick butts when done smoking wherever I wanted. I tried as best as I could most times to find somewhere to throw the but safely in the trash or an ashtray. My old truck was LITTERED with butts, and the thing use to smell like a cigarette. My Mom HATED to drive in it with me anywhere in it. Now my new car has never been (nor will be) smoked in, and it still has the new car smell.

And thankfully, it will never be burned to a crispy mess due to my own stupidity.

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