Monday, February 14, 2005

Nashville Blogger Meetup Successful............


Last weekend on Saturday morning Terry Heaton and News Channel 2-WKRN- organized a little blogger meetup for all of the Nashville area bloggers. Whilst this is probably a small collection of the true number of Nashville area blogs, it was a pretty neat little gathering. Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting people who they have read for a while but never met in person before.

I already have a few Nashville blogs listed on my roll, Thursday Night Fever, Morgan, Nashville Files, Bill Hobbs and the guys from Cox and Forkum. I now have some new ones to add to ye olde roll after being introduced formally. I recommend you take the time to visit the following folks, as I will be doing more of in the future as well..and thanks again to Terry and WKRN for organizing and hosting the meeting, looking forward to doing it again and hopefully next time I can be drunk instead of just hungover...then we'll have some stories to tell the next day..

Here's a partial list, I'm sure I'missing a few so I apologize if I didn't list you here-
Chasing the Dragon's Tale
Roger Abramson-Pith in the Wind
Nashville Truth
Pink Kitty
Right Justified
Terry Heaton (Terry has some pics of the meetup here-)
LindDblu- Linda had a funny story behind the name for her blog, you'll have to ask her.
Neil Orne
Who You Talkin' At

And when I get a minute, I'm going to blogroll these folks all proper like. For they are definitely "stuff worth reading".....Blog on G....Blog on....

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