Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Kerry Lies on Letterman...Don't Elect This Man.......

.........Either lying or he is REALLY not paying attention...

Kerry on Letterman, September 20, 2004. Via- The Kerry Spot at NRO....

I watched most of this interview/love-in between Kerry and Dave last night, yeah I don't know why I was home that early either. Must be gettin old or something. Anyhoo, I decided to try and catch most of it whilst fliopping between the end of Monday Night Football. I haven't seen the transcript yet, but John Kerry better be prepared to get spanked like a three year old if he brings the "No Iraqi Ties to Islamic Terrorism-We Aren't Any Safer" talking point to the debates. And this was precisely what Kerry was espousing last night on Dave. I don't have the transcript yet, but he basically stated there were no Iraqi ties to Al-Qaeda or Islamic terrorism (wrong, wrong, wrong), and that we aren't any safer.

I believe we are safer because Bush took the fight back where it belongs, and that is in the heart of the Middle Eastern Islamic Dictatorship States. That is where it originated, and that is where it will end. It will not be the first time Democracy defeats religious fundamentalism or fascism. Nor will it be the last.

I believe we would have been and would be right now much less safer if we had not removed Saddam Hussein from power when we did. I think we may have waited too long. Whether or not Kerry would have taken him out eventually doesn't impress me. For Kerry to say we should have waited for more international approval and inspections tells me that he is more concerned with the worlds approval than for doing what is needed to protect the United States. And this will give more time for the Al-Qaedas and Al-Ansars of the world to attack America instead of defending their fascist failed states.

Sorry John, but this trumps any top ten list every time. Christ, Kerry even AGREED with me a few months ago....This man should not be president instead of George Bush.

And that is what we are faced with.

Ok, time for a drink.

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