Monday, September 13, 2004

Titans!!!!...........North Korea Goes Boom......Dan Rather and CBS Get Bitch Slapped by Blogs......


Defense dominating in win at Miami

The Associated Press

MIAMI, FL, Sept. 11, 2004 -- An approaching hurricane failed to faze the Tennessee Titans, and the Miami Dolphins' offense didn't give them much trouble, either.

Tennessee made three interceptions Saturday, including one in their own end zone and another returned 37 yards for a touchdown by Lamont Thompson, and beat Miami 17-7.

This was not the most well executed game I have ever seen Tennessee play, but a win is a win is a win. This win was far more reminiscent of the former glory days of Titans smash mouth football. Lots of hard hits, a devastating run game, and BIG D. Chris Brown looked impressive racking up 100 FIRST HALF yards running the ball, and the secondary made some shut down plays, pitching a shutout until giving up a meaningless TD at the end. The one unusual note was Aaron Elling, the kicker the Titans brought in to handle field goals and kick offs for the game. He ended up punting too and put on a nice show, averaging over 45 a punt, and putting one inside the 5 yard line when we needed it. This fan hopes there is some cap room left to keep this kid around, he seems like a nice fit.

Extra Special stat: Chris Brown became the first running back since Travis Henry (12/1/02) to rush for 100 yards against Miami’s defense. Let's not forget that was in ONE HALF of play. Chris left with an ankle injury after the first half, but according to him he will be fine. Thank god.

Here's a picture for you other NFL QB's to get used to- KEITH BULLUCK IS NO JOKE-

North Korea...Um, Hello?

Massive explosion reported in North Korea News Staff

A mushroom cloud of up to four kilometres in diameter was detected in an isolated part of North Korea, a South Korean news agency is reporting.

Yonhap news agency based its report on sources in Beijing and what it calls diplomatic sources in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The explosion, while being reported now, actually occurred on Thursday -- an important anniversary of the secretive communist state.

North Korea was founded on Sept. 9, 1948. The event is used by authorities to hold celebrations.

The blast happened in Yangyang province, which is near the border with China. It left a crater in Kim Hyong Jik county large enough to be detected by a satellite, one source said.

"It remains unclear whether it was a deliberately planned nuclear test or it was just an accident," the source in Seoul told Yonhap. "But it doesn't seem to be an ordinary explosion."

Some reports are stating it was a blast for a hydroelectric project, others are stating this is a misdirection, part of North Korea's policy of "mystification". All I know is mushroom cloud and North Korea are two words that don't go well together. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt if it was an accident, seeing as how the press works in the DPRK, I wouldn't hold my breath for answers any time soon. Weird weird weird.

Dan Rather and CBS Get Bitch Slapped by Blogs...

Ho Boy...Dan needs to do his homework a little better, as the one thing that blogs are extremely proficient at is fact checking. And Dan did not do his homework very well. There are multiple links abounding for this whole story, but there is one page that seems to have taken the whole story and whittled it down a bit. For further explanation, please visit RatherGate.

And once again, ignore the blogosphere at your own peril big journalism. Your days of media dominance are numbered...Here's a recent suggestion for big media to consider..

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