Monday, September 20, 2004

Titans............bah......only week 2.....

....Not a total loss for this sport fans weekend, as the Tennessee Vols, of whom I am an avid (not rabid like most Tennesseans) fan, pulled out the win over Florida, which is arguably their biggest rivalry. Quite the thriller too, as kicker Jason Wilhoit, a Tennessee native, kicked a 50 yard game winning field goal.

Other than that sportsfans, this weekend sucked the big one.

Red Sox get spanked 2 out of 3 in New Yawk. Pedro and Lowe get hammered the worst, as the Sox bats decided to go silent at a most inoppurtune time. This better change next weekend if we want to put 1918 to rest for good.

The Titans blew a HUGE game at home against the Indianapolis Colts. Despite Chris Brown running for 104 yards in the first half, the Titans couldn't make the big plays when they needed to, and let what looked like a victory get taken away by a very dangerous Indianapolis team. This being the second week of the season, I'm not quite ready to say Indy is a better team, but they were certainly the better team on Sunday. The December 5th rematch at Indy will most likely be the biggest game of the season now for the Titans, provided they get their stuff together and come back to pounce the Jaguars next week. Fortunately, this isn't a team that panics, and there is little doubt that the Titans will put this behind them and move on. Steve McNair was his usual non-excuse making, tell it like it is self after the game-


(On what kind of feeling this loss leaves him with)

Any time you lose it’s just a bad feeling. But the good thing about it is that it’s only the second game of the season, we got a long season. We did some good things today on all three phases. When you go against a good team like Indianapolis, you can’t make mistakes and we made a couple mistakes. Third and short, fourth and short and we had a chance to really put this game away early. We didn’t. Any time we have another team like Indianapolis stay in it with Peyton (Manning) at the helm you’re asking to get beat. That’s what happened today we just left too many plays out on the field today. We had a chance to make plays, we didn’t. We had the chance to go out and execute well, we did for the most part, but like I said we just didn’t make those big plays when we had to.

Bring on the Jags.....

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