Friday, September 10, 2004

Mumble......grumble....mope.......bitch.......moan.......Hey look! Alcohol!!

..........As Homer Simpson would say-

"To Alcohol! The cause and solution to all of life's problems...."

Sorry for the lack of posts dear readers, I'm sure all five of you have been wondering why the dearth of prose from the Tman. It's been a long week.

As they say, I'm in a funk.

Chick problem? Check.

Money problems? As usual.

Health? Just give it time, that'll fail soon enough.

Friends? Found out I have one less. This is probably a good thing though.

Beer? Why thank you, yes- I'd love one.

+ = A temporary solution.....

Politics? F-ing John Kerry. Gawd would this man please shut the hell up. He's a total embarassment to the Democratic party. The guy changes his mind about the War in Iraq depending on who he's talking to. This is not who we need to run the country at this incredibly tense moment in the history of Western Civilization. Compare the speeches from the conventions-

John Kerry, Clinton, Edwards= "Let's talk about a bigger tent, France has been so isolated, we must reach out. If we're attacked again, well, we won't hesitate to call France up and help them teach us how to surrender. They are the experts. Oh and by the way, John Kerry served four months in Vietnam, just so you know. How that has anything to do with the current war besides, well, NOTHING, we don't know. But it sure sounds good. We Democrats haven't run a decent war veteran in decades. Oh and Free health care, free housing, free food, and free money for all!! Senator Kerry reporting for duty!!"

Good god.

Guiliani, Miller, Arnold, Bush= "Kill the bastards. Yes, I'm talking to you Mr. Zarqawi. The world will not surrender to theocratic fundamentalist ideologists. And we are hunting you down like the pig that you are. We will make Iraq and Afghanistan work for Democracy. 5000 of our people, soldiers and civilians alike, did not die so you could hang fourteen year old girls because you don't like what they say. Oh, and Bush wants to simplify taxes and let me invest my Social Security money so I don't just throw it out the window."

Honestly, I'm leaning towards a vote for Steve McNair right now, even though I know he won't win, just because I want to see how many Tennesseeans are planning on voting for him. I know at least two already. He may not know much about politics, but damn can the guy throw a football, and that has to be worth something doesn't it?

Let's talk football. Tomorrow is opening day for the Tennessee Titans, as the Sunday game we had scheduled against the Miami Dolphins was moved back due to the Hurricane approaching Florida. Either way, the Titans are ready. As Keith Bulluck, Titans all-pro linebacker has said, the Titans have been knocking on the door of the NFL Championship for years. This time we kick it in.

First Stop: Miami.

Some friends of mine have started the talk about the Red Sox making their annual run towards disappointment already. I will refrain from any speculation, as I know better than I used to. Or maybe not. Pedro and Schilling are pitching gold, and Martinez and Ortiz are borderline unstoppable right now. Three words dear readers- Dent, Buckner, Boone.

I'm just sayin'.........Go visit Soxaholic for more info.....

Here's a more familiar picture- once again, get used to it...........

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