Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tman Off to the Chicago Jazzfest...............

.........I will be away from the computers this weekend, as I'm driving up to Chicago to go see the Chicago Jazzfest.

Looks like a pretty damn good lineup, I'm looking forward to the following-

7:10 PM
* The Latin Side of Miles
Miles Davis was one of the greatest synthesists in the history of jazz -- practically everything that went into his ears came out in his music, Latin rhythms included. But the trumpeter's rigorous creative process made it nearly impossible to find the seams where he'd worked different idioms into his tunes. Trombonist Conrad Herwig and trumpeter Brian Lynch, the leaders of this terrific project, don't pretend to be able to isolate the Latin molecules in Miles's complicated formula; instead they transpose some of his best-known compositions into an explicitly Latin setting. (They gave Coltrane the same treatment on a 1996 recording.) Herwig and Lynch's crafty arrangements on Another Kind of Blue (Half Note) enhance the unforgettable melodies from the original album and give the soloists even more to work with. Both men are hard-bop vets -- Lynch has worked with Art Blakey and Phil Woods -- and longtime members of bands led by legendary Latin-jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri. Here the pianist is Edsel Gomez; rounding out the rhythm section are drummer Robbie Ameen, bassist Ruben Rodriguez, and conguero Pedro Martinez. (PM)

I'll probably stop in to Buddy Guy's place, as one should always do when in the windy city.

Also hope to spend some quality time with a certain someone..........and I'll be drunk....Stay safe Florida, Give 'Em Hell Junior, and all you Islamofascists out there: I hope you all die a slow painful death....

and one more thing.....


Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend everybody!

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