Friday, April 09, 2004

For those who were still wondering if removing Saddam was a wise decision......

Ali from Iraq the model has written this post entitled

The first candle.

Some excerpts:

"A year ago, words failed me as I met the 1st American soldier, and I still remember his name, “corporal, Adam” and all I could utter was “thank you!” how could I ever put my whole life in few words? How could I have thanked that soldier enough? How could I have told him what it meant to me to see him and his comrades-who brought me back to life- at last? Thank you Adam, Lieutenant Antonio, Captain Brian Curtis and all the coalition soldiers who I can’t remember their names, and those I never met.

It’s the 9th of April and I feel safe! And I don’t care what those ‘political experts’ on the newspapers and TV channels, say about the ‘occupation’, deteriorated security and ‘unemployment’. You can’t understand this, because you never experienced real fear this long. Let me tell you about it, as I’m one of those who passed Saddam’s filthy test of life.
The statue fell and with it, horror fell. You don’t know what it means to be scared to death most of your life, brothers and sisters. I knew that and I faced it during the reign of evil and darkness. I was afraid to talk, I wasn't allowed to think and I wasn't allowed to feel…I wasn't allowed to love."

I thank Ali for his kind words, and despite the fact that there are some in his country that don't see things the way he does, I have faith that the brave work done by the Coalition Soldiers has not gone unappreciated in every part of Iraq.......Good luck with your newfound freedom Ali, may you live in peace and liberty someday soon......

"But Bush lied!! People got, er, ah, Liberated!! wait, that's not right....Bush Lied!!! People stopped getting fed in to industrial shredders!!!!.....damn thats not right either.....DAMN THAT BUSH AND HIS DESPOT REMOVING WAYS!!!!"

Here's all I have to say to words like those-

You. Are. A. Moron.

Go. Back. To. Sleep.

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