Wednesday, April 28, 2004

You have GOT to be kidding me................

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Spain to Float Iraq Proposal to France, Germany

MADRID, Spain (Reuters) - Spain will ask anti-war allies Germany and France to join in a proposal calling for a U.S. exit from Iraq (news - web sites) and a new international presence in the country, a Spanish government source said Tuesday.

"The idea is to see if Spain, France and Germany can help the United States find an exit from Iraq...and devise a formula for an international presence there that would not be perceived as an occupation by most of the population," the source said.

So lemme get this straight. Spain leaves Iraq so they can appease the terrorists in Europe and hope that they decide to leave them alone. Foolish, but done nonetheless. France and Germany, two nations that did nothing but whine and moan about "US Imperialism" when we were liberating Iraq have now decided in their infinite wisdom that the US needs to leave so that an "international presence" which would "not be perceived as an occupation by most of the population" can take over.

Do these people honestly think Iraqis care what color helmets are the ones in the tanks on the street corners? Does it even matter as long as they aren't Iraqis?

I can't imagine what life would be like if say, Canada was occupying the US for our own good after they removed a violent tyrannical dictator. I am pretty sure that I would grow weary of their presence over time. But as most polls have indicated, the majority of Iraqis don't want us to leave, and disagree with the extremists who are trying to foment unrest and dissent among the population. And if one takes a poll of the Kurdish areas, it's almost unanimous.

One thing I have noticed is that the Iraqis aren't too keen on the UN and other countries that were aginst the war and apparently were de facto if not directly supporting Saddam. France in particular seems to have quite a few connections within the Oil-for-Kickbacks program. Why any Iraqi's would request help from the countries that tried to keep Saddam in power is pretty baffling to me.

Then we have this-

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos has mentioned the possibility of sending Arab forces into Iraq, and of a future international presence that would not include soldiers from countries which have been a part of the U.S.-led coalition.

Hey Miguel- Arab forces are already there. Al-qaeda, Al-Ansar, Hizbollah, Hamas, and Iranian republican gaurds have been fighting US forces for the last year in Iraq. And somehow I don't see how getting the fine militiamen from Palestine to come to the rescue is going to help. Saudi Arabia has forces, but they are kinda busy fighting terrorists at home right now- go figure.

Stehpen Den Beste from USS Clueless has two posts here and here that detail why the Europeans seem to think we need them to come save us. Euro-elitism, for lack of a better word.

I think it's pretty obvious- Germany, France and Spain are in danger of becoming irrelevant politically in the international scene, thus the need for a European Union (which Britain appears very hesistant to join to say the least).

I think what's funny is that these countries think we give a flying fuck what they think.

We have Britain, Italy, most of Eastern Europe, Australia and a handful of others helping us out in Iraq right now. Why we would want France or the UN to come in and screw everything up is beyond me. And I imagine the Iraqis feel the same way.

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