Monday, April 12, 2004

From Iraq to Iran..........

As the news becomes more corroborated, it appears that the obvious connection between the Islamofascists uprising in Iraq and the Mullahs in Iran needs to be exposed to a wider audience.

Roger Simon has some thoughts..-

"Nowhere can we see that better in the see no evil, hear no evil international response to that fulcrum of Islamic fascism itself Iran. One of the most populous countries in the region with one of the most educated populaces, if not the most educated populace, its people are suffering under one of the most heinous regimes in the world, a mullahcracy that is the greatest single exporter of violent terror and frightening reactionary ideology extant. All of this is enabled, even de facto supported, by our European allies (yes, including the British, alas) who have treated the mad mullahs in much the same way they treated the Nazis in 1937, looking the other way to preserve their business interests. Meanwhile students are tortured, dissidents murdered, nuclear weapons constructed and millions of dollars sent overseas to support their Islamofascist brethren in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. "

There currently is a mass movement in Iran to remove the Theocratic regime and replace it with a democratic government. The primary motivating force behind this movement is the students in Iran who make up a large percentage of the population. Due to the stifling of education through theocratic dogma, this part of the population is currently on the outside looking in in regards to the 21st century, and they rightfully demand to be included. The mullahs in charge of the Iranian Theocracy are well aware that they do not stand a chance of survival if Iraq is successful in implementing a democracy. So their only means of defending their regime is to fund and aid the terrorist scum infesting Iraq right now, in the hopes that they create a violent and bloody resistance movement that will further plunge the country in to chaos and civil war.

The media in the US is ignoring this issue almost completely. For whatever reasons, no one wants to explain how these Iraqi "resistance" movements, who are made up of mostly un-employed ex-convicts, are getting enough funding for a seemingly endless supply of RPG's and other arms. One would think the connection would be obvious, but the navel gazing of the major media outlets seems to gloss over this point whilst spending inordinate amounts of time discussing the fact that Condeleeza Rice is a black woman, as if this somehow has any relevance to her position.

So today I challenge those other bloggers reading this site to follow what I have been meaning to do for a while, and that is to join up with the Blog Iran movement. This is one way in which we can use our collective influence to help change the lives of individuals through the beauty of free speech- (Click the previous link for instructions).

As it is said, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.......

UPDATE: Amir Taheri expounds on the good news (yes! good news!) coming out of Iraq a year after the liberation....

"The educational system is back to capacity after more than 20 years with a record number of schoolchildren and university students.

The derelict infrastructure left by Saddam has been partly repaired, ensuring a majority of Iraqis with regular supplies of clean water and electricity for the first time since 1980.

Almost all hospitals have reopened while hundreds of Iraqi doctors have returned from exile to help rebuild the healthcare system.

The economy is also on the mend with at least 200,000 new jobs created in the past 12 months, half of them in the renascent government ministries. Iraq's post-liberation currency, the dinar, has gained almost 65 percent in value compared to its predecessor a year ago. By ending a system of command economy, Iraq is opening itself to outside investment. For the first time in more than 50 years foreign capital is flowing into Iraq reversing a trend of capital flight that had accelerated during the last years of Saddam's rule.

The vital oil industry is making a full comeback. Last month, Iraq managed to produce its full OPEC quota of crude oil for the first time since 1979.

Four government ministries are already under exclusive Iraqi control, indicating the ability of Iraqi technocrats and administrative personnel to replace the occupation authorities faster than anyone had envisaged.

Work on rebuilding some of the 4,000 villages destroyed by Saddam Hussein as part of his ethnic-cleansing strategy, has started. This is especially impressive in the southeast were Saddam had ordered the draining of the marshes that had been home to the Marsh Arabs for 1,000 years.

All but one of the top leaders of the fascist Baathist regime are now under arrest while much of the apparatus of oppression and corruption created by Saddam has been dismantled.

Read the whole thing.....

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