Thursday, April 08, 2004

Reality Check- VDH style......

As usual, Victor Davis Hanson uses his masterful way with words to remind everyone just what we're fighting for as the Marines get ready to rout out the human waste infecting Falluja and other parts of Iraq....

some excerpts-

So let us get a grip. Bush yet again must remind the American people that we are at war not merely in the Sunni Triangle or in the Afghan badlands, but rather globally and for the liberal values of Western civilization. There is no mythical pipeline in Afghanistan; Halliburton executives are not lounging around the pool in Baghdad chomping on cigars and quaffing cocktails; and in this age of sky-high gas prices there is no sinister cabal that has hijacked Iraq oil. Sharon is not getting daily intelligence briefings about Iraq. The war is what it always was a terrible struggle against an evil and determined enemy, a Minotaur of sorts that harvested Americans in increments for decades before mass murdering 3,000 more on September 11.

Everything that the world holds dear -the free exchange of ideas, the security of congregating and traveling safely, the long struggle for tolerance of differing ideas and religions, the promise of equality between the sexes and ethnic groups, and the very trust that lies at the heart of all global economic relationships- all this and more Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the adherents of fascism in the Middle East have sought to destroy: some as killers themselves, others providing the money, sanctuary, and spiritual support.

We did not ask for this war, but it came. In our time and according to our station, it is now our duty to end it. And that resolution will not come from recrimination in time of war, nor promises to let fundamentalists and their autocratic sponsors alone, but only through the military defeat and subsequent humiliation of their cause. So let us cease the hysterics, make the needed sacrifices, and allow our military the resources, money, and support with which it most surely will destroy the guilty and give hope at last to the innocent.

Every day I wake up to NPR, primarily because it gets me so enraged at the quagmire hunters in our media that the snooze button isn't necessary- I am awake immediately. As usual, this morning was no exception.

Here's my edited version of what it sounded like.

"This is Bob Edwards with Npr. This morning we go to our correspondent in Iraq, Gina Quagmire....Gina- I guess things aren't going so well in Iraq right now?

Gina: No Bob, it's bad. Real Bad. Every single Iraqi wants the US to leave so they can become a caliphate state. Nobody likes us. I mean, granted we did get rid of Saddam, but that's old news now. No one cares about Saddam anymore, they just hate hate hate the US. Here's my interview with a local Iraqi-

"DEATH TO AMERICA!!! KILL THE JOOOOOS!!!!DIE INFIDELS!!! Oh, but thanks for getting rid of Saddam, that was nice."

See Bob? They really hate us. Bad bad bad.

Bob: sounds bad Gina. I guess Bush should be drawn and quartered for this, right Gina?

Gina: Absolutely Bob. If it wasn't for Bush, everyone in the world would love us unconditionally, and there would be peace on earth. Alas, we will have to wait another eight months for Kerry to come and fix all of our problems.

Bob: So the Iraqi's are glad that we got rid of Saddam, right?

Gina: All except for the ones who he hired to brutally rape and oppress there own countrymen. They aren't glad at all. Add some more unemployed to the list that Bush was responsible for. How will he create jobs for these people? I mean, you can't organize a rape squad overnight, these things take time you know.

Bob: I understand. So is there any chance at all of anything positive going on in Iraq right now? Anything at all?

Gina: No Bob. It's Bad. I told you already. Everyone hates us. I lie and say I'm from Canada just so I can get a cup of coffee.

Bob: Thanks for the report Gina...

Yes, this was an exaggeration, but honestly, not by much. And this is what drives me crazy. While our country has removed a tyrannical dictator from Iraq, if you listen to the reports on NPR you would think we were simply there to kill Arabs. I have spoken to soldiers returning from Iraq, and they are upset in much the same way. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for a guy from the Army to come back after he built some hospitals and schools for Iraqis where there were none before and then turn on NPR and never hear anything about it. It's like it didn't even happen......

Get a grip people. We still have "occupying" forces in Japan and Germany TO THIS DAY. And what's interesting is that during the rise of the USSR, none of them were in a big rush for us to leave. Just ask South Korea today. No one ever said achieving what we set out to do in Afghanistan and Iraq would happen overnight, nor that it would be painless and without setbacks. But I guarantee you this- if we back down now, all the efforts and lives that were spent trying to liberate 50 million people will all be for naught.

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