Friday, April 23, 2004

Happy 14th Birthday Hubble!!!........................

Some amazing pics from the Hubble telescope on its 14th birthday.......
The new Hubble image, released to mark the telescope's 14th birthday, shows a remarkable ring of star birth in a galaxy that's been punched through by another.

Some of its greatest acheivements

Hubble has taken about 645,000 exposures and probed about 20,500 celestial targets.

Hubble has whirled around Earth 82,000 times, racking up more than 2 billion miles. That's like making 359,000 round trips from New York City to Los Angeles.

Each day the orbiting observatory generates enough data--500 gigabytes-- to fill 106 DVDs.

The telescope's observations have amounted to nearly 19 terabytes of data, enough to fill about 19 million novels. The Hubble data is equal to the entire book collection at the Library of Congress.

Hubble's digital archive delivers more than 1,600 gigabytes of data a day-- equal to 340 DVDs--to astronomers all over the world.

Astronomers have published nearly 5,000 scientific papers on Hubble results.

In Hubble's 14-year lifetime, about 4,500 U.S. astronomers and about 1,000 astronomers from other countries have used it to probe the universe.

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