Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Kos and Blackwater, Jews and Nazis, and Air America vs. Sanity..................

Yes, as the descent in to madness of the left continues (one wonders just how deep you can dig a hole), I have some interesting real life/idealist nonsense comparisons for you.

Marc Zuniga of the daily kos (spit!) believes that the security forces from Blackwater are only "there to wage war for profit". However, there are members of this force who disagree with that analysis completely. In fact it appears that a large number of the people who work for Blackwater are ex-military, mostly special ops folks, who served honorably in the Armed forces. By Marc's logic, you could say that the majority of our Armed Forces volunteer to serve so they can "wage war for profit"- since they voluntarily sign up, and then get paid to shoot at people, they are "waging war for profit". Obviously this logic is insane because most of those who either have served or know people who have served in the Forces were not there to "wage war for profit". They were there to serve their country. Period. My cousin spent three years in Bosnia with the Army as a 2nd LT in charge of a Bradley regiment, and he was NOT there to make a profit. The eight gentlemen from Blackwater who defended the U.S. government's headquarters in Najaf on Sunday against hundreds of hired thugs from Al-sadrs gang weren't there to "wage war for profit". They were there to do there job, and make a living, much like my cousin did in Bosnia. So sorry Kos, but sit down and STFU.

It would have been nice if Marc would have apologized to everyone and went back to whining about Bush and the evil neo-cons, but Noooooo. Thanks to Air America, he went on live Radio and continued his bile inducing rant about the Blackwater "mercenaries". What has been interesting is that when Marc made the original comments about the Blackwater men, his post was relayed to various advertisers for his site who then wisely pulled their ads, so as not to be associated with a frothing lunatic. The John Kerry Blog was among those who yanked their connection to the Daily Kos. So on the Air America show, you had Janeane Garafolo (spit!) and Marc ranting about how those evil Right Wing Blogs had concocted a witch hunt to deprive the Daily kos from active support from the left. Sure enough Instapundit approved Little Green Footballs was the main target for attack, because of its large audience. But here is where logic decides to jump out the window and fall to its death. LGF was labeled a Nazi site, because of the whole Kos episode. For those who are unaware, LGF deals primarily with defending Israel from it's many detractors.

So LGF was accused of being Nazis.

Jew lovers who are Nazis.

Words fail me.

And apparently logic has decided to take a leave of absence from the left. Way to go morons.

You're beginning to make it hard to justify defending the democrat viewpoint. Each and every day I lean more towards voting for Bush, primarily due to crap like this.

Hey Zell! Wait up!

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