Monday, August 02, 2004

For My Best Bro in Beantown...............

.........He's like family to me, known him since I was two years old. He's still in Taxachusetts, and has never really left to live anywhere else. He's a smart dude, and has done quite well for himself- beautiful wife, cute kid, nice house, decent job- I'm proud of the guy. He deserves it too, as he's worked very hard to get where he's at today.

Needless to say, we've had our political differences in the last couple of months. Today he decided to call me and rant on about how Iraq never attacked the US, Bush is an idiot, the Bin Ladens got a free ride out of the US after 9/11, etc.etc-your basic Moore conspiracy drivel.

So I promised I would put up some links to counter what he's arguing.

Iraq and the US-

Previous Attacks on the US (scroll to the bottom for more links)

Iraq and Terrorism

Winds of Change Report on the Senate Intelligence Committee Report

Stephen Hayes- Iraq and Al-Qaeda, The Clinton View of Iraq-Al-Qaeda Ties

Post 9/11 Flights-Bin Laden Family

Snopes Hashes it out.

If my best Beantwon Bro reads this and has any comments or points of contention to raise, feel free to hit the comments below....and bring it big or don't come at all...

"Jack, why are you unpopular with the Chicago Police department? Jack?"

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