Monday, August 02, 2004

Oh no he didn't.....................

.......John Kerry's senior foreign-policy adviser to the campaign, James P. Rubin, has some thoughts on how he will deal with Iran and their Nuclear Weapons program.

"John Kerry regards an Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism armed with nuclear weapons as unacceptable. He has a multiple-part strategy that is much more realistic than the Bush administration's. One is to rejoin and work through the international legal framework on arms control. That will give greater force to the major powers if they have to deal with violators. Secondly, he has laid out, I think in the most comprehensive way in modern memory, a program to secure nuclear materials around the world—particularly in the former Soviet Union but also in the places where research reactors have existed that could be susceptible to proliferation. The point is to try to prevent Iran from ever getting this material surreptitiously. Thirdly, he has proposed that rather than letting the British, the French and the Germans do this themselves, that we together call the bluff of the Iranian government, which claims that its only need is energy. And we say to them: "Fine, we will provide you the fuel that you need if Russia fails to provide it." Participating in such a diplomatic initiative makes it more likely to succeed."

Say what now? You're going to "call Irans bluff"?


"Iran's top diplomat said Saturday the country won't accept any new internationally imposed obligations regarding its nuclear program and that the world must recognize Iran as a nuclear-capable nation.

"We won't accept any new obligations," Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi told reporters, suggesting a toughening of Iran's position two days before the 35-nation board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, meets to discuss Iran's nuclear program.

"Iran has a high technical capability and has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club," Kharrazi said at a press conference. "This is an irreversible path."

The IAEA has wrestled for more than a year with what to do regarding what the United States and its allies say is a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran has rejected such allegations, saying its nuclear program is geared toward generating electricity, not making an atom bomb.

Kharrazi insisted Saturday that Iran won't give up its development of the nuclear fuel cycle, the steps for processing and enriching uranium necessary for both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. Iran says it has achieved the full cycle, but is not now enriching uranium."

A country with a vast oil supply needs to have Nuclear reactors for energy? Are we that stupid?

And Rubin wants to "call their bluff"? What the hell is he talking about? They already said they have the fuel and are processing it whichever way they want. There isn't any grey here. Iran wants Nukes. They are working with the Soviets to make them. Our own intelligence services are showing that Iran has learned well from Saddam how to hide their activities at their nuclear complexes.

I posted about this before, but just to jog everyones memory-

Let's observe.

Lavizan-Shian Site- August 11-03

-March 22-04

There is no bluff to call Mr Rubin. They are trying to make nukes. They have stated numerous times that they want to nuke Israel as soon as they get them. Israel will not wait for a green light to pre-empt this. The pictures above indicate that Iran is working to actively conceal their efforts in regards to Nuclear weapons, so having the toothless international community get involved would be a waste of time. So would sending more "fuel" to Iran to "call their bluff". We need to work with the freedom and reform movements in Iran and help them overthrow the Mullahs. We should not be negotiating with the government at all. For more information why this policy would be a disaster, please click the Blog Iran link to your right.

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