Wednesday, August 04, 2004

How not to deal with Islamic Terrorism.........

......(Via LGF)

Incredible article detailing the evolution of Islamic Jihad over the internet in this months New Yorker by Lawrence Wright...Here's a link....

It also examines the disasterous consequences of attempting to appease Islamic Terrorists, most specifically in regards to Spain and the Islamic fundamentalists attempts to revive the Crusades by making their Jihad out to be a war against Christianity. They apparently want Spain back. Not so sure what Spain thinks about this.

Perhaps the most telling point of the article in regards to appeasement is the discovery that the Madrid Train bombings in which hundreds were murdered and thousands injured were most likely planned before even 9/11/01.

"One of the most sobering pieces of information to come out of the investigation of the March 11th bombings is that the planning for the attacks may have begun nearly a year before 9/11. In October, 2000, several of the suspects met in Istanbul with Amer Azizi, who had taken the nom de guerre Othman Al Andalusi—Othman of Al Andalus. Azizi later gave the conspirators permission to act in the name of Al Qaeda, although it is unclear whether he authorized money or other assistance—or, indeed, whether Al Qaeda had much support to offer. In June, Italian police released a surveillance tape of one of the alleged planners of the train bombings, an Egyptian housepainter named Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed, who said that the operation “took me two and a half years.” Ahmed had served as an explosives expert in the Egyptian Army. It appears that some kind of attack would have happened even if Spain had not joined the Coalition—or if the invasion of Iraq had never occurred."

As it is said, President Bush, FASTER PLEASE.

Update: Wow, who'd a thunk it...This truly is a head scratcher- REPORT: IRAN LINKED TO MADRID BOMBINGS. So you're saying the Iranian Government might be involved with International Islamic Terrorism? I'll be damned..

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