Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well this is pretty damn cool................

....Recently I posted the letter Ben Stein wrote to a military members spouse which was published in the Wall Street Journal. This being the uber-connected blogosphere, Karen, the spouse referred to in the letter, was so kind as to drop a note on yours truly little ole blog.

The link she provides is well worth the visit. The site is called ArmySpouses.com , and you can learn the whole story behind the letter itself. Quite a cool site and story it is. I highly suggest you read the whole thing here

It started from an article written by Mr. Ben Stein for a CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. A quick excerpt-

A man or woman is not a "star" if he gets paid tens of millions of dollars to say lines in front of a camera. She's not a "star" if she gets paid millions to simper and look sad because an imaginary boyfriend did not call. He's not a "star" if he gets paid thousands of dollars a minute to run up and down a wooden basketball court. They may be good actors and super great athletes, but in my mind, they're not stars.

The real stars, the ones who keep this country free on Independence Day and every day, are the ones who lead a patrol down an alley in Falluja with some maniac terrorist aiming an AK-47 at their heads. The real stars are the ones who leave their families behind at a dusty Army base and go off and risk––and lose––their lives to do their duty by their country and free men and women everywhere.

They're the ones who go off into Godforsaken valleys in Afghanistan hunting for Al Qaeda, never knowing if they'll ever come back, and often not coming back. Think Pat Tillman and you've pretty much got it.

Thank you very much Karen for alerting me to the whole story, and thank you as well for your service to our country, along with your spouse.

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