Monday, August 16, 2004

Tman Weekend Roundup..................

......Sorry for the delay dear readers (yes, all five of you), I was busy entertaining friends through the weekend.

The highlights:

The Olympics: Opening Ceremonies

Yay Iraq! Yay Afghani Women! Not quite sure what to say about North and South Korea doing the whole "unity" thing. Did Kim Jong-Il already topple the South and make it a larger festering nightmare or what? I didn't get the memo.

Fuck off and die Islamic Fascists!
Amir Taheri on the Islamic oppression of female Muslim atheletes-
According to officials in Athens, the number of Muslim women participating in this year's game is the lowest since 1960. Several Muslim countries have sent no women athletes at all; others, such as Iran, are taking part with only one, in full hijab. And state-owned TV networks in many Muslim countries, including Iran and Egypt, have received instructions to limit coverage of events featuring women athletes at Athens to a minimum.

So, it's become so bad in Islamic nations that not only do they keep women from competing, but now the Men won't compete against Jews. Way to move in to the 18th century Mohammed. You will be playing catch up with Iraq and Afghanistan in five years. Have fun.

A picture worth a thousand words-

Members of the Iraqi delegation pose with members of the United States' delegation during the Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Friday, Aug. 13, 2004-

Question, who's idea was it to have Iraq followed by Iran when introduced at the Olympics? Is he even aware of what's going on? Why does this man still have a job? Unbelievable. other news.......


Eddie who? Never heard of the guy.........

Chris Brown picks up big yardage during second quarter action. Brown finished with 46 yards on six carries.

Titans win opener vs. Browns

QB Steve McNair and WR Derrick Mason are already in regular-season form. McNair’s 21-yard touchdown pass to Mason gave the Titans a 7-0 lead in the first quarter and the Titans went on to post an impressive 24-3 victory over the Cleveland Browns Saturday night at the Coliseum.

Yes, I know it's preseason, and yes I realize it was just Cleveland, but damn did the Flaming Thumbtacks look good this weekend. McNair was almost perfect, Chris Brown made everyones memory of Eddie George get real fuzzy, and the D-Line assaulted a mobile quaterback in Jeff Garcia from the first snap on- in the words of Jeff Fisher- "Kevin Carter, they couldn’t block Kevin. Kevin was the reason we had the start that we did." Mike Echols at cornerback, filling in for injured Samari Rolle, also looked pretty good.

Yes, I know, it's preseason. They still looked damn good.

A quick thanks to all my bartending fans who may or may not read this for taking such great care of my special guest this weekend, much appreciated.

It was an exceptionally good weekend, and I managed to keep myself from anymore arguments with the pavement, so no complaints there. Good luck to all the Olympic Atheletes minus the Islamofascists nutbags, and GO TITANS!!!!!!!!

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