Tuesday, August 10, 2004

For those interested- The Perseid Meteor Showers-........

...For all of those who enjoy watching the skies in August during the meteor showers, this year looks to be an excellent oppurtunity to see plenty of streaking shots. The best nights to see them will be between the 11th and the 12th, early morning hours.

From Sky and Telescope

2004: An Excellent Year for the Perseids
By Joe Rao

Circumstances will be nearly ideal for watching the annual Perseid meteor shower at its predicted maximum late on the night of August 11–12. Many families on August vacations at dark, country sites discover these meteors on their own, and late-summer campers often pull their sleeping bags out of their tents to enjoy this Old Faithful shower.

Update for Mike Jericho: Mike was bummed that the Southern Hemisphere never gets to see that much in the way of Meteor Storms, so I did a little hunting and FEAR NOT MIKE! Just wait until 2006 and you get to see the Leonids, they are pretty cool too...

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