Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Great Show at the Ryman Last Night....................

......Buddy Guy and Robert Cray played last night at the Ryman Auditorium, and it was an amazing show. I've seen both of these guys before, but never together. They are a perfect match.

Robert Cray has a Memphis R & B sound with smoking Albert Collins-style guitar riffs (although at one point Robert stated that he has stolen quite a few of his licks from Buddy himself). Robert also has a voice that would make an Otis Redding or an Al Green very proud to hear. He can absolutely tear through a slow ballad with such depth and passion that you feel drained by the end of the song. Personal favorite: Final encore- Smokin' Gun...

"I'm having nasty nasty visions and baby you're in every one, yeah
and I'm so afraid I'm gonna find you with a still hot and smokin gun

Buddy Guy, what is there to say? A living legend, brought up in the 1950 Baton Rouge Louisiana blues scene, Buddy made his way to the mean streets of Chicago by late 1957 and was introduced to the idols from his day, guys like Guitar Slim and Muddy Waters. He's had his ups and downs during his career like any other guitar god, but I have never seen a bad Buddy Guy show. Last night was no exception. Buddy dipped through the usual stuff, a smoldering version of Fever, a few blues numbers from his Junior Welles days, and the obligatory Damn Right I've got the Blues from the grammy winning album of the same name. Personal Favorite: Feels Like Rain-

Down here the river, meets the sea
And in the sticky heat I feel ya' open up to me
Love comes out of nowhere baby, just like a hurricane
And it feels like rain
And it feels like rain

If this tour is coming to your area at any time, make sure you don't miss it, you won't be disappointed..

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