Monday, October 11, 2004 Publishes Iraqi Intelligence Docs........


Recently I posted an article from that demonstrated the undeniable facts that Saddam Hussein and his government was actively involved with International Islamic Terrorist groups. And when I mean "actively involved" I mean stuff like this-

(Sabah Khodada was a captain in the Iraqi army from 1982 to 1992. He worked at what he describes as a highly secret terrorist training camp at Salman Pak, an area south of Baghdad.)

What kind of training went on, and who was being trained?

Training is majorly on terrorism. They would be trained on assassinations, kidnapping, hijacking of airplanes, hijacking of buses, public buses, hijacking of trains and all other kinds of operations related to terrorism.

The people being trained were Iraqis in one group, and non-Iraqis, or foreign nationals, in another?

Non-Iraqis were trained separately from us. There were strict orders not to meet with them and not to talk to them. And even when they conduct their training, their training has to occur at times different from the times when we conduct the Iraqis our own training.

So you were training Iraqis, Saddam's fedayeen, members of the militia in Iraq. And someone else, other groups, were training the non-Iraqis?

They were special trainers or teachers from the Iraqi intelligence and al-Mukhabarat. And those same trainers or teachers will train the fedayeen, the Iraqi fedayeen, and also the same group of those teachers will train the non-Iraqis, foreigners who are in the camp. Personally, my profession is not this kind of training. My profession is to train people on infantry, typical infantry training, such as training on machine guns, pistols, hand grenades, rocket launchers on the shoulder and this kind of training. The special training that I'm talking about, such as the kidnapping and so, is conducted by those trainers who are not from the army; they are from ... al-Mukhabarat.And there was a person who is very famous. They call him Al-Shaba. [ph]. This is Arabic word means "The Ghost," who was responsible for all the training, and those trainers or the teachers.

Of course, did we see these reports on the front page of the newspapers this weekend? Did the major newsmedia lead broadcasts with a story that shows that Saddam was actively involved with these scumbags? Did they even try and report anything on it at all?

Well of course not. That would mean that Bush was right to get rid of Saddam, and that would help Bush get re-elected, so we can't have that now can we?

Well, realized that no one would believe them in regards to the documents, so they did what a reliable media operation should do- publish the documents themselves. So if anyone has any questions about the documents and their veracity, you can see for yourself here...

And of course I'm sure this will be lead story on all of the news shows tonight right?

Right? Oh come on. They can't be that biased can they?

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