Thursday, October 28, 2004

Keep Your Eyes Out For the Four Horsemen............


Apocalypse watch is officially on....


"I don't believe in curses, I think you make your own destination."-- World Series MVP Manny Ramirez.

Curse or no curse, the Red Sox are your 2004 World Series Champions. That is a sentence many people from Boston never thought they would hear. But this year, as I've said before, something felt different.

There wasn't a game seven disaster with the Yankees. Many close calls that normally would always go against the Red Sox in October for some reason, well, didn't. This team would not die. They were literally hanging over the ledge, Yankees boot pressed against the neck, the best post season closer in Baseball history coming in the eigth inning with a one run lead ready to shut the door and send yet another World Series back to New York. But they wouldn't go quietly in to the night. They fought back, scrapped, clawed, out-hustled, and out played the Spankees for another four straight. The Red Sox would be in the world series.

Then on to St Louis. You heard the stories, four guys in the lineup hitting over 30 homers this year, over 100 RBI's, gold glove fielders in every corner, etc.etc..A formidable opposition, without question. Well, maybe not so much. The Red Sox disposed of the Cardinals in four straight games, as the pitching and bats of the Idiots proved too much to handle. Once they beat back the Evil Empire in that fateful game four, the Idiots never lost a single game the rest of the playoffs. That's eight in a row.


Here are some places you should visit to get the full force of the Red Sox Nation Celebration-

Bill Simmons of ESPN kept a running diary of most the games, with some priceless memories. A personal favorite from last night-

"6:10 - Following a Ramirez single, Fox shows Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore wearing Red Sox sweatshirts and clapping excitedly. I wish I was actually driving the Red Sox Bandwagon right now, just so I could screech to a halt, whirl around, point to them and scream, "Get off! RIGHT NOW! I mean it! Get off! Move it! Gather your things and GET OFF!" Damn straight. You freaking posers. Fallon is from New York for chrissakes.

Boston Dirt Dogs. Best. Photoshops. Ever.

The Boston Globe Sports Page probably has the best collection of photos and video along with some great writers such as Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy. Dan will probably retire now that he can't bitch about the curse anymore.

Soxaholix have had some great comic strips during the last few weeks, I suggest reading them all.

Thank you Idiots, you have given me the best sporting moment in my whole life.

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