Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VIce Presidential Debate Review...............


Or, other wise known as Darth Vader vs. Snuggles The Fabric Softener Bear....

Here's what it sounded like to me, as I heard only a little on the radio......

Moderator: Mr. Vader, what do you propose to do about Israel?


"We will crush the terrorists anywhere they live, and we will do it in a calm, rational, and terrifying manner. Terrorists in Israel are the same as Iraq or Tatooine. They all shall die."

Mderator: Mr. Snuggles, you have 30 seconds....


"This guy is scawy, huh? Me and John wanna just hug you all, and give you kisses. And kill the terrorists because they are big meanies...but we'll do it without making everyone hate us so much, because we can be sensitive when killing these terrorists, just like the feel of freshly dried sheets against your bare bottom!"

moderator: Mr Snuggles, Senator Kerry said in a recent interview that he absolutely will not raise taxes on anyone under -- who earns under $200,000 a year. How can he guarantee that and also cut the deficit in half, as he's promised?


"Well, John and I believe that people are too rich in this country and they shouldn't be allowed to get so rich. So we want them to give some of their money back, so everyone can have soft, fresh smelling lives!"

moderator: Mr Vader, 30 seconds..

In our empire, everyone has a chance to become emperor, whether they choose the dark side or not. If you take money away from the rich, you will only leave everyone poor. The rich are creating jobs for the poor with their money and this has to continue in order to stabilize our economy.'t fight the dark side.."


Ok, in all seriousness, Cheney stomped Edwards from the looks of the transcript in terms of foreign policy. And Edwards and Cheney were a draw in terms of domestic policies. Both pretty muc followed their party lines as written, with Edwards promising to tax the rich to help the poor, and Cheney promising to cut taxes for everybody, and let states make their own laws. Typical Democrat vs. Republican argument, and I don't think we found out anything we didn't know about either candidate from this debate.

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