Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ok, It's Official Now..................


Cowboy Up! is dead.......long live Cowboy up!

According to Johnny Damon, we Bosox fans now have a new rally cry this year.

(besides of course- )

This year the Rally cry is-

We're Idiots!!!!

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Johnny Damon officially laid ``Cowboy Up'' to rest as the Red Sox' identifying slogan prior to the start of their American League Division Series yesterday at Angel Stadium.

With cowboys about as plentiful in New England as surfers are in Nebraska, the Red Sox center fielder said there was a more appropriate way to capture the team's carefree attitude and individuality.


``We are not the cowboys anymore,'' Damon said. ``We are just the idiots . . . We like to have fun and I think that's why this team is liked by so many people out there. We've got the long hair, we've got the corn rows, we've got guys acting like idiots, and I think the fans out there like it.''

Actually, this is quite a better description of this team this year. A loveable bunch of misfits, who seem to think that they are playing little league at about halfway through the season. It also aptly descibes the fan base, as anyone stupid enough to follow the Red Sox during October deserves it.

So be it.

Rally on Red Sox Nation-

We're Idiots!!!

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