Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This Team Refuses To Die......................



Unbelievably, the Red Sox Nation lives on another day in the 2004 ALCS as the Idiots beat up the Bronx bombers again, 5-4, in 14 innings. Ortiz was the hero again- his eigth inning homer off of Gordon and his incredibly relentless at bat against Loiza in the 14th which produced a game winning single were the difference makers.

I have no fingernails left. I feel like I ran two marathons. I fell asleep replaying the game in my head, hoping to coast a little further on these victory fumes. Four games in four days, and the Sox have gone from dangling over the edge of elimination to, well, still dangling over the edge of elimination.

I refuse to think about the fact that they have to go to the Bronx and win two in a row to get to the World Series. I am going to run with this for at least a day. There will be no sacreligious Yankee champagne celebrations on the hallowed grounds of Fenway. Put that shit back on ice and take it to the Bronx babee-


Update: The Sports Guy checks in from Fenway- The Surreal Life at Fenway...my favorite line-
My last three notes of the game: "13th inning oh my God Varitek and Wakefield" ... "Stand up sit down bad back" ... "Central nervous system shutting down." If they found me dead outside Fenway after the game, they would have looked at this thing and assumed I had died of natural causes.

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