Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Sports Guy Drunk Blogged Game 2.........


And of course ulcer management is never without its humor.

A couple of excerpts from Daddy's Deja Vu in Game 2
10:25 -- After Pedro gets out of the sixth without further damage, we see him shaking hands with everyone in the dugout, apparently done for the night. Just to make sure Francona doesn't pull a Grady, Ortiz and Manny remove Pedro's clothes, stick a red ball in his mouth and duct tape him to the dugout water fountain.
He even reaches in to the Sportsguy mailbag, and pulls out this gem-
10:43 -- Timlin and Embree combine to get through the seventh. I have to admit, I just spent the last 15 minutes surfing the internet and checking the latest e-mails in my Sports Guy account, which has like 45,000 e-mails right now. Here's a good one from Stephen F. in Boston:

"Let me get this straight, Jack Nicholson is a Laker fan AND a Yankee fan? Can we just paint a mustache on him and call him Hitler?"

Yes, Stephen, Jack is satan in the flesh. I understand he has been permanently banned from the City of Boston.
My personal favorites-
(By the way, Olerud was released by a 58-win team this summer. Classic Yankees. They could pick up a hooker in Times Square, plug her in at second base and she'd hit .280. It's uncanny.)

Read it and weep Sox fans...

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