Monday, October 11, 2004

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until then it's time to-


Yes sportsfans, it is time to begin the final battle against the Evil empire. And this time, IT'S PERSONAL....

Skillzy has a good list of the various allies in our war with the Empire, my personal favorite is Soxaholix, who have already begun the battle with the Empire. How crafty are the idiots this year? This crafty-

BOSTON -- Once the champagne ran out Friday night, most of it sprayed or dumped, the Red Sox showed again how resourceful they could be. The players went through the beer as their primary weapon of mayhem, and then they began dumping ice water.

But the ice ran out, so the players then started hurling tubs of water at each other, Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez retreating to the trainer's room time and again for more ammunition. Some were ready, like Trot Nixon and Alan Embree, who prepared for the onslaught by donning swim goggles.

It's hard to imagine what the Red Sox would do if they won the World Series.

I can't imagine what will happen to my hometown if we do win, I dunno- maybe NOT BE DEPRESSED AS HELL IN OCTOBER FOR A CHANGE????? That would be nice.

Sean McAdam lists five reasons the Sox are better than the Spankees this year...I like them all..

Personally, I see this going seven, and I think Curt Schilling will be the difference this year, as he is a bona-fide playoff Yankee killer. No, he didn't beat the Yanks with Gay-rod or Scheffield, but it doesn't matter. Pedro has his 95 plus stuff back, and Arroyo is pitching like a master. Combine that with our ridiculous bats, improved defense and a clubhouse that acts like they are all in third grade, and you have the best Red Sox team I can remember. Better than the Rice-Remy-Dewey-Yaz years, better than the 86 team.

I'll say it again sportsfans, this is our best shot in almost a century.

Bring it Yankee bitches...

The Titans have a make or break game on tonight.

In Green Bay. On Monday Night. Against a cornered wounded animal in Brett Favrrerrerr...never a good prescription for digging out of a hole. But if we want to keep talking playoffs for this team and not start talking draft picks for next year, they better get it done tonight.

Go Get 'em Steve.....

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