Thursday, January 20, 2005

Are You Reading Jay Pinkertons Back of the Bible Series?.....



Why the hell not? You loser. Do you have any idea how funny it is?


Well, I think you should go read it. And you will laugh. Often and early. Don't thank me, I'm a giver....

He has a new version out on the Book of Hosea, but my personal favorite is the one on The Book of Haggai because of the great job he does in showing how atheists seem to exist just to piss off religious types.

An excerpt-

There's probably room for compromise on both sides of the burden of proof issue, I think. The key lies in atheists needing to be a little clearer on their Ouroborosian non-belief belief system. Namely, they need to concede that they aren't denying the existence of a god so much as the existence of this God — the capitalized one with the pre-Christian desert morality who listens to everyone's thoughts and wants you to come live with Him after He destroys the universe. With this small clarification, the athiest comes off less like a hypocrite convinced he or she has all the answers, and more like just a collosal dickhead who's built up an entire belief system with the sole purpose of mocking another (a vast improvement, I think).

This subtle nuance transforms atheism from a minority group of weepy Doubting Thomases into an aggressive hybrid of skeptic and instigator — much like agnostics, but without all that embarrassing fence-sitting that makes "agnostic" so interchangable with "huge pussy." In essence, Atheist 2.0 admits he or she has no concrete answers. All they're concerned about is the central rallying cry of the new atheistic philosophy: "We Honestly Don't Have The First Fucking Clue What's Out There. But Come On — You're So Not Even Close."

Has anyone ever actually read these parts of the bible? What the hell was going on back then? I mean good GOD these folks had some issues...

If you don't click Jay's Back of the Bible link, then baby jesus will kill another puppy.

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