Friday, January 14, 2005

My Baby Got Sauce.........

.............G-Love and Special Sauce

Cooling out cooling out
Waiting form my lady got the special sauce that’s why she’s my baby my baby
My baby
And of course I’ll do anything for her anything she wants
It’s sure honey sure
Got a sharp mouth a sharp tongue gimme gimme gimme some
Don’t take to that gimme gimme none
You got to work deserve it earn it to own it
Once you got never ever going to leave it alone don’t take wise cracking or
Forgetting never been stood up
She does the stepping
My baby got sauce
Your baby ain’t sweet like mine
She got sauce
Your baby ain’t sweet like mine
She got sauce...

Got to see the sold out Funky Philadelphonic G-love last night at the Exit/In, for free no less as my best friend has what you would call an "in" at the Door to the Exit/In. Confused? Me too.

Great show though, he did two encores and ended with the aforementioned radio hit. A friend of mine who was there remarked that "he sounded exactly like his albums", to which I replied "it's because he rocks- he doesn't need a studio to sound good". Wall to wall hotties there too. He always packs 'em in, and slow funkiness is perfect to dance to.

Thanks G-Love, looking forward to your next visit..

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