Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jay Manifold Is Not An Amateur No Matter What He Writes in Your Comments.....


Jay Manifold, author of the always educational and informative A Voyage to Arcturus wrote in the comments in the post below that I improperly labeled him as a Professional astronomer, and if it offended the true professional astronomers out there, I apologize. But I disagree with Jay. He's certainly no amateur.

He may think he's all humble like, but you tell me how many amateur astronomers you know that could write such detailed proposals like the following-

A Modest Proposal for an Asteroid Warning System- Part I

Asteroid Detection, Again- (Proposal part II)

If you get through reading that and still think he's an amateur, than at least I got you to read his proposal! HA HA!!!!

Apparently the Posner editorial in the journal yesterday is making some waves, to which I say -GOOD. Rather have intellectual waves now than real tsunami waves in the future.

Posner posted it on his own blog, and the ChicagoBoyz are discussing it as well.

See if you can guess which comments at their sites are mine!

You get a free subscription to this weblog for the correct answer!!

Amateur, eh there Jay? Ya, right buddy..:)

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