Friday, January 21, 2005

Only Three Meaningful Games Left..........


The NFL season is drawing to a close, and grown men across the land are beginning to start wondering just what excuse we can start using to get wasted by three o'clock in the afternoon on Sundays. No hockey this year, so it should be a challenge. I'm probably going to run with "Tennessee in the Winter is boring- so I should be drunk". Of course, I'm of Irish descent and that's somewhat of a permanent excuse anyways, so there's that.

So who do you like in the games this weekend?

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons

I have to go with the Falcons in this raptor fight. Michael "Warp Nine" Vick just makes me too nervous to go with the Eagles. Philly did manhandle the Falcons two years ago in a divisional playoff game, but this Atlanta team is much different than that one. For the last month or so, my best friend and I have been arguing who has the better defense between these two- he believes it's the Eagles, I don't. Stats wise the Eagles are better, but I think that Atlanta plays with more intensity. They were flying all over the field against the Rams with reckless abandon. I agree that the Eagles do also play with serious intensity, but I just see more of it out of Atlanta. Offensively, Vick has become one of the few players in the league who can literally take over a game on his own and carry a team on his back. The Eagles will probably spy him with Kearse all day, but I don't think the freak can keep up with Vick.

Final Score: Atlanta: 24 -Philly: 14

New England Patriots Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

When these two teams met during the regular season, the Steelers ended New Englands win streak and literally punched them in the mouth for four quarters. Beat 'em down. Bitch-slapped and all that. This time, I think things will be dramatically different. Ben Roethelsomethingburger, the rookie UNDEFEATED quarterback had a very rude awakening to playoff football last Sunday. He passed for a total of 61 net yards when you subtract the interception and the sacks. The Patriots didn't have Dillon when they played them during the regular season, and he was HUGE in his first playoff game against the Colts. If New England goes up early and can control the clock, Big Ben will be forced to air it up, and that could be a disaster against a Belichick coached playoff defense. Belichick had some unbelievable schemes set up last week to defang Peyton Manning, and I can't imagine what Ben can do better than Peyton. This one could end up being ugly if the Pats score early.

Final Score- New England: 28 Pittsburgh: 7

Both of these games will be played like football games should be: outside and in the snow. Pennsylvania is calling for snow throughout the state, so we should have some sloppy conditions which will make for exciting games........sigh......I just realized again......only three games left......sigh....

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