Thursday, January 27, 2005

Congratulations To The New Sceretary Of State- Dr. Condoleeza Rice.......


She has definitely earned her spot in one of the most important positions of our government, and I have little doubt that she will perform up to the highest standards possible. Her background reads like something out of a movie, earning her doctorate at 19(?) I believe. She is also a trained concert pianist, making her probably the highest ranking decent musician. Come on folks, Clinton sucked- he couldn't play that thing to save his life.

Via the Indepundit Citizen Smash (whom I need to put on my blogroll),here is the letter Dr. Rice sent out to all State Department employees...

An Excerpt-

"In these momentous times, American diplomacy has three great tasks. We will unite the community of democracies in building an international system that is based on our shared values and the rule of law. We will strengthen the community of democracies to fight the threats to our common security and alleviate the hopelessness that feeds terror. And we will spread freedom and democracy throughout the world. That is the mission that President Bush has set for you and me, and the great mission of American diplomacy today.

As we begin our work together, President Bush and I will expect great things from each of you in the service of your country and of a great cause. More than ever, you will be active in spreading democracy, fighting terror, reducing poverty, and helping to protect the American homeland.

I want each of you to know that I have no higher priority than the well-being and personal development of the men and women of the Foreign and Civil Services and the Foreign Service Nationals who work beside us. I know from experience how hard you work and the many risks you take. And I am especially aware of the hardships and sacrifices that your families endure as they also serve our nation. I want you to know that I will personally work to help ensure that you have the tools you need to do your jobs -- from training to budgets to mentoring to embassy security.

Colleagues, I am honored to be your Secretary during these historic times. Together, we will serve our wonderful country and the cause of freedom for which it stands.

And I certainly wish to alarm the sexist, racist bastards of the world that an African American Woman is fourth in line to become President of the United States. Smoke on that one former grand KKK-wizard Asshole Supreme Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV).

Oh yeah, and I forgot to add- James Lileks said it best- "the first thing Secretary Rice (ooh that sounds good) should do when they pick up her up at the airport is say 'no thanks, I'll drive....."

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