Wednesday, June 30, 2004

And they wonder why we don't watch Network news anymore.......................

........Some days I'm not suprised at all how incredibly condescending and elitist much of the major newsmedia is these days, particularly the major networks. Then some days they suprise even me.

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Here is a snippet from the interview of new Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi by NBC’s Tom Brokaw-

Brokaw: As long as the United States military remains a conspicuous presence in your country working hand in glove with the new Iraqi government, won’t you always be seen really as an instrument of the U.S. military and therefore of America?

Allawi: Iraq, as everybody knows, is the front state now — as the main theater to oppose and fight terrorism. And, with the help of international community and with the help of the region and with the help of the Iraqi people, we are going to win. We are going to prevail.

Brokaw: I know that you and others like you are grateful for the liberation of Iraq. But can’t you understand why many Americans feel that so many young men and women have died here for purposes other than protecting the United States?

Allawi: We know that this is an extension to what has happened in New York. And — the war have been taken out to Iraq by the same terrorists. Saddam was a potential friend and partner and natural ally of terrorism.

Brokaw: Prime minister, I’m surprised that you would make the connection between 9/11 and the war in Iraq. The 9/11 commission in America says there is no evidence of a collaborative relationship between Saddam Hussein and those terrorists of al-Qaida. [ed.-bald faced fucking lie-the commission said no such thing. But who's going to call him on it?]

Allawi: No. I believe very strongly that Saddam had relations with al-Qaida. And these relations started in Sudan. We know Saddam had relationships with a lot of terrorists and international terrorism. Now, whether he is directly connected to the September — atrocities or not, I can’t — vouch for this. But definitely I know he has connections with extremism and terrorists. [ed. See Tom? This is exactly what the 9/11 commission said, had you bothered to report it correctly. Thanks for being useless.]

Hey Tom, why don't you have a seat and take a nice long drink from this here cup of shut-the-fuck-up and listen to the new PM, who by the way, probably knows a whole hell of a lot more about Saddam and terrorism than you do. Asshole. And while you're at it, why don't you take some time to read some actual journalism from someone who doesn't seem to have their head up their ass. This one from Stephen Hayes would be a good start.

And Michael (no! I want the WHOLE COW!) Moore says the media is too soft on Bush? Christ, they almost fellated Saddam while he was still in power. Since this is a reasonable representation of your average American media source, I truly fear for us sometimes. There is a war going on still. But I get the feeling that few people realize it.

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