Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Tampa Bay takes the Cup......................

Sorry Canada, maybe this was karmic retribution for letting your inbred cousins in Montreal boo the US national anthem when they played the Bruins in the playoffs this year, but Lord Stanleys Cup will remain stateside for at least one more year....

Lightning answer Lord Stanley's Call...

Cheers to Andreychuk, 22 years in the NHL and he never gave up his dream of winning the cup. Apparently he had never won any Hockey related championship before so add 13 years of youth and college hockey to his championship drought.

Also, cheers to Calgary for playing so hard and strong throughout this series. You hate to see either of these teams lose the way they were playing, but that's how it goes. Iginla and the rest will be back, that you can be sure of.

Hats off to Lightning Owner Bill Davidson, who has a chance to watch the second of his two pro teams compete for a title. Mr Davidson also owns the Detroit Pistons.

Another week or two of basketball, and then we sports fans go in to hibernation for the next three months until football comes back.

Baseball doesn't count if you're a Red Sox fan. Trust me on this, ok? Just trust me. I don't want to hear a damn thing about the worlds most depressing franchise until September, it's bad for my blood pressure.

Congrats Bolts, a cup well earned.

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