Tuesday, June 08, 2004

True Patriot, this is Tman's blog...........................

I don't need to speak for Mr Hanson, he does fine on his own. Much like the way I link to Cox and Forkum or others, I feel that what Mr Hanson has to say is eloquent and descriptive of the opinions I feel are not being expressed online or otherwise. So since I went to the trouble to make a blog expressing how I feel, I will link, post, excerpt, or display any damn persons essay I want. You like Chomsky or Zinn or something like that? You can do the same with them. Go nuts.

But this is Tman's blog.

TruePatriot wrote
in the comments-

"Is he not a member of this "common media"? (I'm not familiar with this term.) "

I read him occasionally printed in the WSJ, but he is by no means a familiar name in the major newsmedia. How many Hanson essays have you read in USA Today lately? Probably not many. And btw, "common media" was a reference to the liberal bias in media and elsewhere today, thought you would get it, sorry.

"You are aware that the widely read "National Review" isn't exactly printed on an underground press. "

Yes, I'm aware.

"You seem to think that I'm somehow in cahoots with this "common media" and an anti-semite at that."

No, and no. Show me where I accused you of either.

"Fuck you."

Nice. Glad you could visit the blog.

"Simplifying people, i.e. 'me', or events into pallatable, manageable bits helps nothing and is, at best, counter productive."

Say what now? When did I accuse you of anything? I asked you a question in this comment here, and I'll ask you again, who contributes more to the defeat of Islamic terrorism, Michael Moore or (since I can't say Pat Tillman without someone getting sick of hearing about it) a US Army Ranger in Afghanistan?

How you can twist that in to me calling you an anti-semite is quite a neat trick.

"Not unlike Hanson's analysis of the war."

What exactly did you find counter-productive about Hansons analysis of the war? Anything at all? One point maybe? Ad hominem and expletive free perhaps?

"How, by the way, does one fight a war "in both an economical and humane fashion"?

By being as efficient as possible. You show me another conflict where a Military as powerful as the US has was able to liberate and occupy a country the size of California in three weeks with as little collateral damage. The US and the Coalition spent enormous time and energy in trying to preserve the infrastructure and minimize casualties. And while doing it, we maintain the defense of Europe, Japan, South Korea and others. How they do that while spending a lower percentage of yearly budget than other large countries is an example of the economical aspects. Since you asked.

" If Hanson isn't on hand to post a comment I suppose one from Tman will do."

TP, this is Tman's blog.

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