Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Michael Moore is big fat lying manipulative douchebag.....but I repeat myself...

...........Christopher Hitchens reviews the latest bile spewed forth from the great bovine. Needless to say, Moore is once again doing his damndest to make Bush and this administration look like either fumbling buffoons, or deceitful geniuses. Or both. I guess he figures if he throws enough shit against the wall something has to stick.

One of the main points in UnFairenheit 9/11 is the whole story with the Bin Laden family being allowed to fly around the country prior to other domestic flights being allowed back in the air following 9/11. I recommend this article from Snopes.com to get what I consider the most detailed summary of the entire episode. What Hitchens does point out is enough to give you an idea of what garbage the rest of the movie is-

And Richard Clarke, Bush's former chief of counterterrorism, has come forward to say that he, and he alone, took the responsibility for authorizing those Saudi departures. This might not matter so much to the ethos of Fahrenheit 9/11, except that—as you might expect—Clarke is presented throughout as the brow-furrowed ethical hero of the entire post-9/11 moment. And it does not seem very likely that, in his open admission about the Bin Laden family evacuation, Clarke is taking a fall, or a spear in the chest, for the Bush administration. So, that's another bust for this windy and bloated cinematic "key to all mythologies."

The only Michael Moore movie that will see any money from me this year will be this one.

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