Monday, June 07, 2004

Tman Weekend roundup...............................

Many highlights.......

Friday Night- Went out with friends to Rumba, had many drinks of Zaya on the rocks, that is one fine Guatemalan rum right there. I wanted to get some sleep for the block party for the next day, so we had one more at Jacksons and called it a night.

Saturday- Met Ryan at Bonga Java, went back to apartment to cool off and watch some of Ike: CountDown to D-Day. The show did a great job of showing how tense everyone was leading up to D-Day, and spent plenty of time on the argument between waiting for June 6th or going early in May. Ike had to explain himself to Churchill, and that scene was pretty compelling. I'd say Selleck did a good job with the part, although I am by no means an Ike biographer. This along with many other D-Day specials on TV for the 60th anniversary put a humbling spin on the weekend, as we paused quite a few times to toast those who sacrificed so we could have our freedoms. We are forever in their debt.
Later that afternoon we went to the Belmont-Hillsboro annual block party on Sweetbriar and Belmont. For the past decade, Bill Ramsey has celebrated the birthday of Otha Turner, legendary fife and drum musician. Over the years the birthday party evolved in to a full blown block party with food, drinks and live music, as well as raising donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank. Sadly, Otha Turner passed away last year, so like last year, this years party was known as An Ode to Otha. Man, what a bash. Great food-BBQ, Catfish, BBQ'd Chicken, Jalapeno Cornbread, New Potato salad, Beans, on and on. ANd the $25 donation got you all the food and beer you could consume. Needless to say, we consumed quite a fair share of food and beer that evening.
Around 9:30, Ryan pulled up the NHL/Stanley Cup Game 6 score on his cell phone (handy, isn't it?), tied at 2 apiece going in to the third. So we went back to watch the third and inevitable DOUBLE overtime. Yet another incredible Stanley Cup series. St. Louis scores the game winner in the 2nd OT period, with what appeared to be a physics defying wrister over Kiprusoffs shoulder. Unbelievable. After that, it was sleep time.

Sunday Domestic responsibilities (laundry, clean the truck, etcetc.), followed by some Bongo coffee and breakfast. After that we went to watch the Pistons Lakers Game 1 NBA Finals at Sams.

Few things made me as happy this weekend as watching both the Calgary fans and the LA Forum fans quietly exit the building after the loss. Both places acted as if it was a preordained conclusion they were going to see victories, although more so in LA. I get more joy watching pampered movie stars have to shake their head in disgust as LA only scored 75 total points in the game. Detroit finally answered the question of whether or not they can hang with the three time champions, as they handed LA a 87-75 beating at the forum, shutting down the much-vaunted LA offense. After the game we went to Rumba again to help celebrate a friend of ours 30th birthday. The whole place was set up for his party, dj's included. I could only handle two beers and it was bedtime. Way too tired to hang and then work the next day.

All in all, a fabulous weekend, great sports, great food, and somber and humble moments in honor of those who died so I could have weekends like this....

Back to the regularly scheduled ranting soon.

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