Friday, June 25, 2004

The War on Terror..................a Review.............

Since it appears that many people in the US have somehow forgotten why we liberated Iraq and Afghanistan, I though I would perform a little public service and review this whole war thingy going on.

Islam does not mean peace. Islam means, literally, submission to god. And the main problem with that is that some people take this to mean we must FORCE people to submit to god, not "submit to god if you feel like it".

Don't believe me? Let's start with the latest message from a one Abu Masab al-Zarqawi-

"We will carry on our jihad against the Western infidel and the Arab apostate until Islamic rule is back on Earth"

That's not "we'll stop our Jihad once you folks elect John Kerry and stop supporting Israel". That's "we will either make you all submit to the God of the Koran or die trying". There isn't a whole lotta grey here, no need for nuance.

Praise Allah or Die.

Sound crazy?

Think again....

The Coming Islamic Takeover of the U.S.

Saudis often discuss the issue of the U.S. becoming a Muslim state in the future. On a March 17 broadcast on Iqraa TV, Saudi preacher Sheik Said Al-Qahtani discussed this issue, as well as the cases in which Muslims are permitted to declare a defensive Jihad: “... We did not occupy the U.S., with 8 million Muslims, using bombings. Had we been patient, and let time take its course, instead of the 8 million, there could have been 80 million [Muslims] and 50 years later perhaps all the US would have become Muslim... What should a Muslim do if he is attacked in his country, on his land? In this case, there is no choice besides defense, self-sacrifice, and what religious scholars call - Defensive Jihad... We attacked their country, and this caused them to wake the dormant enmity in their hearts... Especially since there is global Zionism, the enemy of Islam, and Judaism, and fundamentalist Crusaders... They interpret this whole incident as only the beginning and thus there is no choice but a preemptive strike.”

Al-Qahtani added on another Iqraa TV show on May 5: “Allah said, ‘prepare against them all the force and horsemen that you can.’ What for? In order to strike fear into their hearts... At the same time, [we should] establish strategies for the future, even if only for the short term, and prepare ... so that one of these days, even 100, 200, or 400 years from now, we will become a force that will be feared by the infidel states.”

So now ask yourself, when we have an entire religion dedicated to making people submit to god, and they have put Western Civilization in the crosshairs of their Jihad, how does blaming Bush or Republicans or Neo-Cons or Haliburton or Oil or WHATEVER BESIDES THESE JIHAD SPEWING PSYCOPATHS make any sense?

That big fat lying douchebag I spoke of below has decided to make a movie saying that Bush is basically too stupid to save us, too deeply in the pocket of the Saudis, etc.etc, despite the fact that Bush has exterminated two of the most repressive Arab regimes that previously helped support the same Jihadists trying to get us to praise allah or die. Now we find out that Hezbollah, yet another extension of the praise allah or die club, wants to help promote Moores new film. AND THE FAT DOUCHEBAG IS COOL WITH IT..

We did not start this war. We have been attacked. Yes, the enemy doesn't conveniently have one single country that we could just liberate and be done with it. It unfortunately has spread like cancer through various governments and states around the world. Therefore, Bush did the wise thing and told the world if you are supporting terrorists who are sworn to destroying Western Civilization, we are coming after you. The Taliban and Saddam qualify quite handily in that department. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia are probably the next big three.

This war will not be over until the leaders of Islam and the Arab world come together and tell their followers that the US WILL NOT SUBMIT TO ISLAM. PERIOD. And the only way this is going to happen is if we are successful in seeding freedom and liberty in the heartland of the Arab world.

Iraq and Afghanistan were a good start. Both countries have highly dedicated citizens who have tasted freedom and liberty and aren't about to let things slip back to their medieval ways.

For their sake and ours, we must succeed.

Update:Once again, Victor Davis Hanson gives the Doctoral version of the preceeding post. Jeebus can this man write an essay....You go read NOW!!!

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