Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ray Bradbury to Michael Moore-"He is a horrible human being. Horrible human!"

Yet more famous authors join the ranks of those disgusted by Moore. This time it's Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451. Moore had the audacity to use Bradbury's title for his new film -Fahrenheit: I haven't seen my toes in ten years- oops-sorry- Fahrenheit 9/11.

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So what does Ray Bradbury, now 84 years old, think about Moore using his book title for his Bush-bashing movie project?

The answer is, as journalists in the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter found out when they called the author, that he is mighty pissed off. Here's my translation of the juicier bits of the interview.

"Michael Moore is a screwed asshole, that is what I think about that case. He stole my title and changed the numbers without ever asking me for permission.

Have you spoken to him?

- He is a horrible human being. Horrible human!

That Ray Bradbury thought Moore could take his Palme d'Or from Cannes and stuff it was extremely clear, even if he never expressed himself with those words, when DN reached the author in his home in Los Angeles. [...]

Do you disagree with his opinions...

-That has nothing to do with it. He copied my title, that is what happened. That has nothing to do with my political opinions.

Bradbury said that he had tried to discuss the issue with Moore, but that the director avoided him.

- I called his publisher. They promised he would call me the same afternoon, but he didn't.

When was that?

- A few months ago, when his plans about the movie was first made known.

The conversation touched politics when Bradbury mentioned that Moore had ruined general Wesley Clark's chances to become the democrat's presidential candidate. Like several American commentators Bradbury means that Moore's support to Clark was a kiss of death when Clark did not distance himself from Moore's claim that Bush deserted from his military service.

- He slandered the president to general Clark, and Clark allowed him to do it. Clark should have said: "Don't say that. It is not true." That day Clark lost his chance to become president.

I understand. And you supported general Clark?

- No. I support honesty.

According to Bradbury others have asked him about Moore's use of his title, but "I don't want to make a big story out of it."

- I detest all paparazzi journalism that is so common these days. If I just could make him change his title silently, that would be the best thing.

Do you think that is possible, I mean the movie is very famous under that title now?

- Who cares? Nobody will see his movie, it is almost dead already. Nevermind, nobody cares.

But it won the Palme d'Or in Cannes?

- So what? I have won prizes in different places and they are mostly meaningless. The people there hate us, which is why they gave him the d'Or. It's a meaningless prize.

Ray Bradbury was very clear that he considered Moore a dishonest thief, but refused to answer if he would press charges in any way.

Did I mention that Moore is fat? I mean that would be cruel to joke about his weight problem and all. But he is friggin' huge. I mean so fat when he gets on an elevator it only goes one direction-down.....So fat that........must stop the Moore fat jokes.

What an ass though. Use Bradburys title against his wishes? Smooth move moron.....

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