Monday, June 14, 2004

Iran should be liberated, and their regime eliminated............

.......So, does that sound pretty harsh?

Unfortunately, at this present time, we are left with fewer and fewer options, as the Iranian Mullahs foment more unrest in Iraq through terrorist/suicide attacks, the Iranian people continue to suffer under a regime that would make Saddam proud. It is abundantly clear that the Iranian regime is terrified that Iraq could become a successful democracy, because it would undermine their tyranny to have Iranians reading free press from Iraq. The Iranian support for the radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr should be evidence enough.

First of all, in terms of their nuclear weapons programs, Iran Isn't Even Hiding It.

"Iran’s top diplomat said Saturday the country won’t accept any new internationally imposed obligations regarding its nuclear program and that the world must recognize Iran as a nuclear-capable nation.

“We won’t accept any new obligations,” Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi told reporters, suggesting a toughening of Iran’s position two days before the 35-nation board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, meets to discuss Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iran has a high technical capability and has to be recognized by the international community as a member of the nuclear club,” Kharrazi said at a press conference. “This is an irreversible path.”

Not good. Everyone chastised Israel for destroying the same type of reactor in Iraq (supplied by our -ahem- "allies", the French) that would have allowed Saddam to get nuclear weapons well before the first Gulf war. Does anyone doubt that Saddam would have used one by now if he had them? Even to attack his own country? I shudder to think of the possibilities of that scenario.

It is also no secret that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, including aiding and abetting al-qaeda, as well as their well known connections and support of Hezbollah.

Comfy yet? Good. Now for the really bad news.

Europe and Britain are dependant on Iran for a large percentage of their oil, no big secret there. Unfortunately, they are now forced with either helping the US make sure the UN keeps Iran nuclear-weapons free, or sit out the whole thing and continue to allow the Iranian mullahs to retain power and design and construct nuclear weapons. You can bet your ass that as soon as Iran is capable, these nukes will be aimed at Israel almost immediately. And Israel is well aware of that.

Hopefully we can support the Iranian people in their internal struggle to reform and promote equal rights and democracy over Islamic theocracy, thus preventing any need to include military support. I have signed this petition here , and I suggest that others do as well. If enough diplomatic and grass-root support is created, the destruction of the murderous Iranian theocracy could end without military involvement.

For more information relating to freedom for Iran, please visit here.

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