Monday, November 22, 2004

Compare and Contrast...Sports Pictures from the Weekend.......


We have this one, from the Instapundits Afghani Correspondent-

Our coalition of Rumanians, New Zealanders, British, Americans, Slovaks and Poles was no match for the Afghanis on Sunday. Not in any sort of fighting, mind you, but a soccer match. Our base put a Coalition team together and played a select team from Parwan Province. The Coalition was bested 3-1. However, the Rumanians did salvage something for us – their goalkeeper was a crowd favorite with his play and some theatrics thrown in for good measure.

One of our officers, 1LT Joshua Walters, a soccer coach when back in the States, was the driving force behind this event [he is even helping the area schools with a coaching clinic and organizing a league they can run throughout the whole province]. Local people told us this was the first time in over 25 years they had a public sports event with a crowd. While I am no great fan of soccer itself, I did see that the people here were absolutely delighted with the whole event. So I guess losing wasn’t so bad after all.

And compare that to the knuckleheads from this picture...

Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons and teammates are kept apart from Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers by Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle. Unprecedented suspensions and tighter arena security were imposed by the National Basketball Association following an ugly brawl between players and fans that could deliver the league a painful blow.

Ron Artest, I hope you can rap like KRS-One, because your basketball career is on indefinite hiatus. I would be suprised to see if any team even wants this guy after his suspension is over.

Either way, I think it is pretty obvious the differences between the two photos. I thought it's an interesting commentary that while we go through all kinds of media whoring over the NBA fight this weekend, there was another game being played that had far more important implications. Pistons/Pacers -fight or no fight- will not help to bring world peace any closer. The soccer match in the first picture is actually doing just that.

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