Friday, November 05, 2004

The Theo Van Gogh Murder ...............


Not sure how many Americans are aware of this, but this tragic story is an indication of the mindset that free countries are up against in the war on Islamic terror.
Suspected Islamist killing tests Dutch tolerance.
Theo van Gogh, who angered Muslims with a film that said Islam encouraged violence against women, was shot dead on Tuesday. A man with Dutch and Moroccan nationality was arrested for the killing, and suspected of Islamic extremist motives.
Commentators said the murder showed attempts to integrate immigrants had failed and threatened to make race relations worse in a country where 10 percent of the population is defined as “non-Western” foreigners — many Muslim Moroccans and Turks.
“This event shows what kind of climate we have allowed to develop. What kind of people we have allowed in and just allowed to go their own way. How we have much too long just let things go to seed,” sociologist Herman Vuijsje told the Volkskrant daily. ...
Noting that Pim Fortuyn’s murder and that of Van Gogh came 911 days apart — a reference to the U.S. abbreviation for Sept. 11 — De Telegraaf newspaper said lenient immigration policies had turned an open society into a “resentful and intolerant” one.
“Afraid of being called racist, we have been so tolerant with regard to these religious fascists that they have been allowed to merrily undermine the roots of our freedom,” it said. ...
A survey last week showed that a majority of Dutch said they expected to no longer feel at home in their own neighbourhood in five years due to the rising number of foreigners. In the three biggest cities, immigrants make up about a third of the population and form a majority among young people.
It gets worse.
Thou Shalt Not Kill" = racist
Reacting to the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by an Islamic terrorist, artist Chris Ripke painted a mural saying, “Thou shalt not kill.”
And when the head of a nearby mosque complained that the mural was “offensive and racist,” local authorities came and sandblasted it.
Here is the "racist" mural-


"Gij zult niet doden" = "Thou Shalt Not Kill".

Somehow, God's one lesson that everyone should be able to agree on is termed racist.

Islam means submission. It means submit to Allah. The Koran is quite specific that the entire world should accept Allah as their God, and those that don't should become either slaves or should be killed. Don't believe me? Read some examples of the sermons coming out of the middle east and other mosques here.

Religion of Peace?

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