Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Election Is Over (Thank God)-Let the Speculation Begin......

Kerry graciously conceded the presidential election yesterday (transcript of speech) after calculating that he did not have enough votes to challenge the results of the provisional balloting in Ohio and other places.

Four more years it is.

There have been various predictable results from the final election tally. On the right, you have the conservatives drooling over the thought of a trifecta victory in the House, Senate, and White house. On the left you have the liberal base divided between those who want to point fingers at those "faghating-guntoting-redneck-warmongering-evangelical-nazi's" who won the election for Bush, and on the other side you have those liberals who are wondering- "what did we do wrong?" and "how can we fix it?".

Since I'm not a republican conservative, nor am I a democratic liberal by any standard, I will make a bold predicition.

Conservatives will realize that it wasn't the "christian evangelicals" who won the election, it was the thousands of former Gore voters who were disgusted by the bile inducing rants from the moonbat left side of the aisle. Democrats, listen closely because I am one of those people- I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A PARTY THAT ALLOWS MICHAEL MOORE TO SPEAK FOR IT. Much as I am turned off by evangelicals, I am MORE turned off by lying propagandists who will distort reality to further their aims. You must rid the party of your extremists if you want to be taken seriously at a time of war. Remember Communists for Kerry? It would be funnier if it didn't have such a ring of truth to it.

I believe that Bush will have an opportunity to display his non-partisan abilities the way he did in Texas by bringing the two sides together. Bush's acceptance speech was clear that he wants to see everyone come together and put the divisiveness behind us. We are at war with an enemy who is afraid of Women having rights and responsibilities equal to men. We must win this fight, because we are losing the demographic battle. In 50 years, the Muslim faith will be the most dominant religion in the world by over a billion people, and if it does not experience a major overhaul, a renaissance if you will, there will be profound consequences. Already Shariah law is moving in to places in Canada, under the guise of equal religious rights. The Islamic call to prayer in Michigan is getting a vote. The writing is on the wall. 9/11 may have been the work of Islamic extremists, but out of a billion people a small minority is still millions of people. Millions of suicide bombers who would be willing to gun down children for their cause such as they did in the Beslan massacre. This is a very serious time the free world is facing, and we must stand and fight together, or as Ben Franklin said, we all will surely hang separately.

Update: Iranians Welcome Bush Re-election
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Nov 3, 2004
Millions of Iranians expressed their satisfaction on the outcome of the US Presidential elections and George W. Bush's victory by calling and congratulating each other. Many were seen walking in the streets and shaking each others hands or showing a discret V sign. Many are speaking about the promises made by Mr. Bush to back the Iranian Nation in its quest for freedom and democracy. As Iranians and especially the younger generations have become happy , those affiliated to the Islamic regime are seen deeply worried about their future.

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