Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tman Thanksgiving/Birthday Weekend Roundup........


'Twas a fabulous few days here in this small humble town of Nashville. I had three things going for me this past week.

1.)Thanksgiving holiday from work mixed with lots of football and paid vacation time that I have to kill before the end of the year.

2.) My Birthday on Friday. Yay! Another excuse not to work and drink heavily!

3.) A spectacular turkey recipe.

Thanksgiving was a resounding success as I got to make my new favorite Turkey Recipe for the third straight year with some friends. The recipe isn't anything special, my Mom sent it to me from the New York Times a few years ago when I was attempting my first turkey, but damn does that bird taste good. The short-version recipe-

Take Turkey, stuff garlic cloves inside, outside, in the Turkey pan, and under the skin of said turkey. Lay entire Turkey on bed of Bay leaves and rosemary. Take the following ingredients, mix together in to a paste, and rub generously under the skin, inside and around the Turkey-
Brown Sugar
Dijon Mustard
Olive Oil
Yes, More (crushed) Garlic
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Powder (hey, why not?)
Salt and Pepper
Generous Amount of High Quality Whiskey-(this year it was Woodfords)

Stuff Turkey with Pepperidge farm stuffing, because it's easy to make that stuffing after a few shots of that Woodfords. And throw a few more garlic cloves on it for good measure.

Add a healthy dose of good friends and their excellently prepared side dishes, a bottle of 1997 Chinon (man was that tasty), some FOOTBALL! (both on TV and outside, it being a gorgeous day and the guys were feeling some bravado after all the booze) and VOILA! Perfect thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with all the needed ingredients. And there is still some Turkey left, which continues to taste incredible days afterwards.

After we finished with the football and the Turkey we went to Jackson's for a night cap and were treated to a great crowd full of friends all together in the same place with the same mood. It got past midnight, and the mood jumped up a notch as I was then treated to birthday salutations from a wide spectrum of libations and friends alike. Just a great day all around.

The rest of the weekend was straight birthday celebrations, football, turkey, and friends- pretty much repeating Thanksgiving in general the whole weekend.

So apologies for the light posting, more festive ranting to come soon.....hope everyone else had a great Turkey day too!

Oh yeah, and the Titans are done for the season. Thank you Titans for playing tough despite the injuries and setbacks, I have little doubt we will be talking playoffs and Super Bowl next year.

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